Setup & Manage Google Ad Words Campaign and Ad Groups

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Campaign Setup & Management: Expert configuration and ongoing optimization of your Google Ads campaigns, targeting audiences most likely to convert and meeting your marketing objectives efficiently. Keyword Research: Utilizing advanced tools and industry insights to conduct thorough keyword research, identifying the terms your potential customers are searching for, and integrating them into your campaigns for improved targeting and visibility. Ad Creation & Optimization: Crafting persuasive ad copy that grabs attention and drives clicks, complemented by strategic optimization to enhance ad performance across different metrics. Bid Management & Optimization: Dynamic bid strategy implementation to utilize your budget effectively, focusing on achieving the best possible ROI and reducing wasted ad spend. Analytics & Reporting: Transparent, in-depth analysis of campaign performance with regular reports, offering actionable insights and strategic recommendations for further optimization. Conversion Tracking: Implementation of conversion tracking mechanisms to measure the direct impact of your ads on your business goals, whether it's sales, leads, or other valuable actions. Display & Remarketing Campaigns: Development of targeted display and remarketing campaigns to increase brand awareness and re-engage visitors, turning past interest into future conversions. Our service is designed to handle every aspect of your Google Ads from start to finish, providing you with the peace of mind that your digital advertising efforts are in expert hands. Let's drive meaningful results and grow your business together.

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Premium Setup & Management
1-2x Campaign, 2-4x ad group, 30 keywords researched, negative keywords, Free optimization 7 days 2-3x Campaign, 6-10ad groups, A/B Testing, 50 keywords researched, negative keywords, Monthly report 4-8 Campaigns, 11-20 ad groups, A/B Testing, keyword research, negative keywords, bi-weekly report
Revisions 1 3 unlimited
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Basic Setup & Management $300

1-2x Campaign, 2-4x ad group, 30 keywords researched, negative keywords, Free optimization 7 days

6 Days Delivery 1 Revisions